The Negative Effects Of Women During Combat Essay

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The Negative Effects of Women in Combat
Modern society is striving for every person to be treated like they are identical and there are no race, gender, or nationality differences. They can try as hard as they want to make everyone interchangeable, however, that does not mean they are. You can say that African Americans are the same as Caucasians, just go to the park and observe the different races and you will surely notice that no two races behave the same way. They have different backgrounds and cultures affecting their behavior, not necessarily in a negative way it just makes people unique. Women want to be treated exactly as men are, they want to do the same jobs, and act the same. Furthermore, no matter how hard they try or how bad they want it, they simply are not created the same way. The front line of combat is one place that women simply do not belong.

Feminists and women’s activist groups would have you believe that women are at the very least equal in skill in every form as men. They are wanting to get into the front lines of combat using lines such as: it would increase the number of available soldiers, women can be as strong as men, there won 't be any sexual tension among units, and women in the infantry know to not get pregnant. Beside the fact that these are shallow arguments with minimal research proving them to be true, there are numerous studies done, revealing that there is in fact sexual tension among unit cohesion, and no matter how physically fit…

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