The Negative Effects Of Television Violence And Violence In Children

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TV VIOLENCE AND AGRESSION IN CHILDREN Imagine the shining LED TV in your sitting room as a guest. Your children spend a lot of time with this guest. This guest teaches your children to resolve conflicts through violence. The guest babysits your kids and teaches them principles you don’t agree with. Does watching violence in TV is harmful for your children? Yes, indeed. Ever since TV has been introduced into the homes, parents, teachers and psychologists have been wanting to know about the impact of TV on children. The report given by National institute of mental Health in 1982, states that viewing excessive violence in TV makes children less sensitive to others, more fearful of the world and behave in aggressive manner [1]. In fact, extensive …show more content…
In most of the TV shows, heroes are rarely punished. Even if they are shot or attacked, they always win. A bad guy gets beaten up and the hero gets justified for Violence is also pictured humorously and is shown in almost program. Research has proved that exposure to violence in TV makes children “numb” to horror or violence. They view their environment as a violent place. They also tend to imitate the violence they see on television. Children watching excessive amount of violence are less likely to help victims because while watching TV they remain as spectators and would continue to do so. Sometimes it is difficult for the children to differentiate between the media world and real life situation. Violence in the school is another problem related to excessive viewing of TV violence. School violence involves bullying, pushing, shoving causes more emotional harm than physical harm. Sometimes fights can lead to serious injury or death. According to CDC (centre for disease control and prevention) report in 2010, more than 738,000 young people ages 10 to 24 were treated in emergency departments for assault-related injuries; over 30% of high school students reported being in at least one physical fight; and nearly 20% reported being bullied on school …show more content…
Researchers found that children exposed to multiple risk factors like poverty, poor grade, lack of educational opportunities, conflicts at home also tend to be aggressive and exhibit violent behaviours. All these factors has some link to viewing violence in TV. In low income families, parents strive hard for long hours to earn support and spend less time with children. When children are left alone with very less opportunity for extracurricular activities, they end up watching TV unsupervised. In situations, where there are lack of educational opportunities or homes with abuse and conflicts, children try to get way or escape from these problems by watching

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