The Negative Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

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Most Americans don’t get the recommended nine hours of sleep because we don’t want to waste our transient lives sleeping. We are too busy carrying out our day-to-day activities or fulfilling our lengthy bucket lists to realize the potentially deadly consequences we are subjecting our bodies to. It has become an American public-health epidemic. Ramifications of constant sleep deprivation can include brain cell death, loss of concentration, many diseases, and anxiety and depression disorders. Sleep deprivation is a problem in America because most are unaware of the negative effects it has on our brains and bodies. Loss of concentration throughout the day has been linked to poor sleeping habits. When we are awake, neurons constantly produce toxic free …show more content…
When we are asleep, these neurons fabricate antioxidants that clean out poisonous substances that were made throughout the day. The article “The Power of Sleep” notes that, “Veasey is learning that brain cells that don’t get their needed break every night are like overworked employees on consecutive doubt shifts- eventually, they collapse” (54). If neurons don’t get a break every night, it will eventually result in cell death. When brain cells die, there is no way to get them back. One consequence of cell deficiencies in our brains is a loss of concentration. A minor effect of loss of concentration that everybody has probably faced is falling asleep at inappropriate times. According to the article “The Power of Sleep”, “Nearly 40% of adults have nodded off unintentionally during the day in the past month, and 5% have done so while driving” (54). Not only have Americans fallen asleep at random times daily, but they have also fallen asleep while driving. Drifting off to sleep while we

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