The Importance Of Sleep Deprivation In Nursing

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When people look at the occupation of nursing, all many seems to see is a wonderful profession in the healthcare world. Many people overlook the fact that healthcare profession is a culture within itself that suffers from sleep deprivation. There are 40 million Americans each year stuffing from sleep deprivation. Many also suffer with chronic and long-term sleep disorders, and additional 20 million experience occasional sleeping problems. These disorders interfere with work, driving, and social activities in many peoples (.McCann, L. D, 2014, p. 309).
Therefore, Sleep deprivation needs to be addressed as an epidemic in the medical profession. Two people will to be examined that suffer with sleep deprivation are John Doe and Christine. One
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I use the stairs and not the elevator; I pass on the Friday specialties snacks which are brought to the floor every Friday, Which are normally cookies, donuts and full-sized candy bars. I walk about 2 ½ miles a day at work, working ten hour days four days a week. I am one that also believes that if I work hard I should play even harder. So that being said, I enjoy two to three nights of roller skating, and I pamper myself with much needed “me time”. I am very self-conscious of how I look, and how I smell, making sure that my personal hygiene is well kept up. I do not drink alcohol and never have, and I do not smoke because I was an athlete most of my life. I do not eat red meat, and I eat little or no fried foods. I am a full-time mother of two sons that are teenagers. I work full time and attend school full time. In my little free time, I volunteer with the youths in my son’s school. I do live a very active lifestyle, and I truly believe that I am my brother’s keeper. I have trained my body to survive off of five hours of sleep. I suffer from sleep deprivation, and this makes things challenging the older I become. I do not suffer from hypotension, but I am on medications which are Lisinopril, spironolactone to keep my blood pressure lower than normal. Due to the lack of sleep and stress I have been diagnosed with one of the country silent killer. That would be …show more content…
The body and brain depends on sleep to recover and restore both to a normal state of homeostasis (Biology 101, 2009, chapter). Lack of sleep affects the brain’s ability to function to its fullest capacity. Lack of sleep may cause neurons to begin to malfunction, since sleep is how the body regenerates the cerebral cortex. There are other stages that help with memory and generating new synaptic connections in the brain (Biology 101, 2009, chapter). The effect that sleep deprivation has on mental health is beyond

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