How Does Rape Affect Society

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One out of every six american women have been a victim of an attempted rape or a completed rape (“Get The Facts”). It is the most intimate crime and also a crime that has left a huge effect on how we look at women and men today. Rape is one of the most most damaging crimes done to people. It is an invasion of a person and can leave that victim permanently damaged. One of the major problems of rape is that society blames the women for getting raped when it is not their fault all. Also, the government does not do enough to prevent it. When a man rapes a woman, very little is done to them and very few rapists get sent to jail. Rape has also made society look and treat women differently and putting many different restrictions on them. Rape is a discrimination in America today because victims who have been raped receive the blame for it, rapists do not suffer enough punishment for the damage that is done to the victim, and it has left many negative effects on todays …show more content…
Like earlier, society teaches people that rape is the woman’s fault. Society teaches us to blame the victims and not the criminal. Nobody teaches that rape is bad. No one talks about how the victim is left afterwards. Rape has left a major affect on not only the victims but how society perceives women today. Many school’s are restricting how young women dress and what they can and can’t wear. Majority of schools have banned leggings or yoga pants for being too inappropriate and distracting for boys, but that is just the problem there that will lead to rape. School’s are telling girls not to dress comfortably because boys may get the wrong idea from it. Rape starts with men not controlling their thoughts, and school’s are teaching people that it’s the girls fault for boys not controlling themselves. If you would talk to your daughter about safety, maybe you should talk to your son about

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