Campus Sexual Assault Case Studies

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Many teens and young adults find themselves thinking, “That could never happen to me” in regards to being sexually violated. On the contrary, this way of thinking does not lessen the chance of being viewed as a target. The risk of being sexually violated is only enhanced on college campuses and, if not met with an effective solution, this risk will continue to grow.
Some might argue that rape is rare and nothing to be overly concerned about or raise awareness for but studies show that this problem is only growing. According to “National Statistics on Sexual Violence”, one in five women will be raped in their lifetime (“Statistics on Sexual Violence”). While the Campus Sexual Assault Study concluded a connection between sexual assault and living
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Numerous studies have concluded that a relationship exists between use of substances, such as alcohol or drugs like marijuana, and sexual violence. In fact, “over half the victims and perpetrators of sexual assault among college student had been drinking alcohol prior to the assault.” (Krebs et al.) Alcohol impairs judgment making the line between denial and consent blurry and in trying circumstances; victims are potentially unaware of what’s happening altogether while incapacitated. However, the Campus Sexual Assault Study was able to provide this insight on what defines incapacitated sexual assault for the purpose of their …show more content…
In an article written by the Washington Post, sexual assault survivor, Daniel Episcope, shares his story of witnessing someone lacing the punch bowl with date rape drugs. “You gotta do what you gotta do to get some” was the man’s only reply when Episcope questioned his actions and he remembers thinking, “we need to protect the girls” (“Sexual Assault Survivors Tell Their Stories”). Nevertheless, Episcope eventually found that it is not only girls who need protecting as he was raped by a women while studying abroad, much too drunk to give viable consent for her actions. This proves that it is not just the use of specific laced drugs, but also the fault of underage drinking and extreme alcohol consumption that play huge roles in determining a

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