The Negative Effects Of Rap Music

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Music is everywhere. Music is a melodious tune one either makes his or herself or hears in one 's surrounding. A person can whistle a tune or hit against objects. We can hear it in nature: wolves howling, birds chirping, and the rivers rushing to meet the sea. In today 's day and age, music evolves and rap music is one of the genres. Rap music begins as an alternative to violence but many believe it has a negative effect on the behavior children. Rap music is an underground phenomenon of the 1980s by black people. It is speculated that rap music originates in the humble community of Bronx, New York, U.S.A. (Maultsby 10). Today, it is still argued about whether rap came from hip-hop culture or vice-versa due to the fact that they both started at the same time (Horton 285-286). The history of rap music is a sad one. In the 1960s, civil rights protests and gang violence began. There was a dramatic fall in employment, the chances of having a successful education became scarce and the readying for an occupation through government money halted. Therefore, people became poorer, the neighborhoods crumbled and drug use increased rapidly. In the hunt to find a peaceful way gang members can go up against each other, previous members of gangs built up an interest in the culture of rap. Rap culture gave members of gangs a proud feeling, …show more content…
However, this influence depends on the listener 's age, personal life events, aforethoughts and music presentation (“Impact…” N.P). A sixteen year old who lives in the “inner city” might listen to rap because he or she is growing up in a similar neighbourhood as the rapper. If the music is not represented in a way that seems cool or desirable, then children will not have interest in listening to it. Male teenagers use music to boost themselves on the social ladder hence, the rap theme of flaunting wealth and boasting fame. On the other hand, females listen to music when they 're lonely

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