The Negative Effects Of Prostitution

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Prostitution is commonly used to refer to haggling of sexual services in order to a form a social interaction that is concurrently economic and sexual. Through this it makes prostitution a difficult cultural category, as society’s economic and sexual relations are systemized and conceptualized in divergent ways. According to Kingsley Davis (1937), Prostitution is defined as largely economical and providing a function through quick impersonal sexual regalement that does not involve individual emotional attachment. It is common that one of the most mentioned negative impacts on some of the countries is the perceived increase in prostitution. Disagree with the statement regarding “prostitution should be legalized.” In the following writing, …show more content…
It also assumes that the prostitute will quit working as soon as she finds out that she is having a disease, which is highly unlikely. According to sociology, People in the lower social classes are more likely to smoke, eat a lot of fats, be overweight, abuse drugs and alcohol and practice unsafe sex. Prostitutes not only face these transmissions disease but they also face violence. Regardless of prostitution's status which could be conceded as decriminalized or the physical location of the prostitution which are mainly the clubs, massage parlor, street, escort/ hotel), are extremely dangerous for women. Prostitutes might be physically attracted by their client and they won’t be able to get any source of help. It is considered as impossible to protect a person whose source of income is exposes them to the likelihood of being raped. Therefore, prostitution shouldn’t be legalized as it causes physically harm to the individual’s health.

Secondly, legalizing prostitution would encourage more youngsters to engage in prostitution. As according to Feminism, it supports women’s control over their sexuality and reproduction. This indicates that women should have sexual freedom and can engage in anything they want. However, this will encourage the future generation to participate in prostitution as it makes quick money. Young
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Prostitution is considered bad for society and it is viewed prostitution causes particularly harmful for the communities including men, and particularly for vulnerable women. Structural-functionalism considers society as a complex system whose pats work together to promote solidarity and stability. As the prostitutes meet the sexual needs of people .According to International Labor Organization, it reported that it admits that most women choose to engage in prostitution for financial reasons. It is sure that they have many other ways in order to earn money in order to raise their family.
Therefore, prostitution shouldn’t be legalized as causes many negative impacts on the future generation. It would devote them from being more knowledgeable and would narrow their thinking

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