The Negative Effects Of Nuclear Power Plants Essay

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The Negative Effects of Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants have been a prominent source of the world’s energy as early as 1954, when the first one was constructed. These power plants have definitely provided the earth with positive outcomes. Nonetheless, I believe that the negative effects of the power plants far out way the positive effect. Nuclear power plants have damaged our environment, (especially the aquatic life near plants), cost our economy billions, and stress in our society. Although they are seen at a glance as a beneficial system, nuclear power plants have major flaws to our society.

A nuclear power plant is a thermal power station where the heat originates from a nuclear reactor. These plants’ main task is to provide steam, which in turn drives steam turbines that eventually produce electricity. The primary person who is thought of when it comes to nuclear energy is Enrico Fermi. He is the first scientist to split the atom, which led to the creation of nuclear power generation (Alternative Energy Secret. 2011). The first nuclear power plant was established on “December 20, 1951, at the Experimental Breeder Reactor EBR-I in Arco, Idaho, USA” (European Nuclear Society, 2003). It was opened on December 20, 1951. So far, there are a total of 437 power plants world wide, as well as 70 under construction. Several countries have nuclear power plants, but the top five countries with the most amounts currently from largest to smallest are, USA has the most…

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