The Negative Effects Of Media Globalization And Culture

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Western culture has expanded beyond its manifested borders, enmeshing and intertwining itself into the everyday lives and culture of billions across the planet. Globalization, specifically media globalization, has caused this. While some believe that media globalization will bring forth a homogenous global economy and culture through the integration of local and national authorities into a global network, media globalization has a negative impact, harming global culture, global interrelationships and society as a whole. This paper, respectively, will explore the negative effects of media globalization on identity and the institutions that cause such effects. In this scenario, the definition of identity can be thought of as “…the distinctive character belonging to any given individual, or shared by all members of a particular social category or group” (Rummens, 2001, pg 3). Instead of promoting and preserving historical cultures, the institutions behind media globalization, mainly, the colossal media conglomerates …show more content…
This type of society disturbs long-established civil foundations and reshapes the collective identity of a culture due to the fact that the new cultural identities do not stem from the said long-established civil foundations. Instead, identities are rooted in technology. While some argue that globalization through media technologies has produced the opportunity for various cultures to connect on a global scale, it is “impossible to create a global culture with this procedure, and it only widens the existing gap between cultures” (Babran, 2008, p.

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