Law & Order Criminal Intent Analysis

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Media is extremely important to American culture. It is truly a feat to go through a day and not be exposed to any of the four types of media. The four types of media are print, sound, visual, and new media which includes the internet and electronic media. We constantly look to media to inform us of what is happening in our everyday lives and to entertain us. Media, specifically television, provides escapism. Many individuals use television shows as a kind of immersive past time where they can escape from the realities of their everyday lives. It is important to understand that while we consume media we also consume the narratives and social constructs that the media promotes. Many people do not actually have personal experience with the criminal justice system and rely on news and television series, such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent (LOCI), to gain knowledge of how the system operates. Even though LOCI is a fictional series, the audience may still base their …show more content…
LOCI is a show that was marketed as “ripped from the headlines” and often dramatizes news stories that were sensationalized in the press. In its prime LOCI episodes were being viewed by upwards of 16 million people in the United States. The show follows partners Detective Robert Goren and Detective Alexandra Eames as they solve high profile crimes. Detective Goren has a near genius level of intelligence and also a background in psychology and he is able to use that knowledge to solve cases that other detectives would not be able to. Law & Order: Criminal Intent falsely portrays the workings of our criminal justice system by promoting the narrative of mentally ill people being more likely to commit crime, distorting the public’s expectation of police clearance rates, and not accurately portraying police education and intelligence

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