The Negative Effects Of Masculinity In Today's Society

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In today’s society, boys and men are socialized and conformed to a definition of masculinity which emphasizes toughness, impassiveness, greed and independence. These characteristics leads to aggressive, emotionally stunted males who harm not just themselves, but the people around them. One factor is masculinity and the negative effects it can have on boys and men. Two other factors masculinity leads to is violence and misogynistic behavior toward women. Because American men are socialized, it may turn them to violence and misogyny.
When society teaches boys and men that to be masculine you have to act a certain way, meaning you have to be strong, fearless, aggressive and tough. Those who don’t fall into those categories are labeled as sissy,
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The pressures young boys experience and the expectations as they grow in to manhood can be strenuous. They are pressured by their own peers to prove their masculinity in which is a relentless sense of having to show ones “manly” behavior. They are expected at all times by their own friends and peers to adhere to “The Guy Code”, while your fellow men are ready to call you on your short comings at any sign of weakness. Often time when men believe they are not masculine enough they are more likely abuse drugs, alcohol and carry weapons this type of violent behaviors can eventually lead to jail time or being killed. When society is telling them that being a man means being powerful, but they don’t have a lot of real power, one thing that they have access to is their ability to present themselves physically as somebody who is worthy of respect. In society manhood is all about conquering and violence, and what we do not realize is that ultimately that kind of manhood ultimately kills you. For Example, often times, when young men have a difficult time expressing their emotions and sharing their feelings with others, they experience depression, suicidal behavior and an increase in violent behaviors.
Because, American men are socialized we must teach them what it means to be a man, and how to avoid giving into peer pressure of hyper masculinity;

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