The Negative Aspects Of Prostitution In Today's Society

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Prostitution is a controversial topic of discussion in today’s society. There are many aspects in a community that are directly impacted and correlated with prostitutes, or street workers. Prostitution has affected our society through human and sex trafficking, rape, spread of sexually transmitted infections, and assaults. There are many perspectives that people develop when it comes to this topic. On one hand, people believe this profession, that women and men alike choose, is unethical and that these prostitutes are merely being objectified. The general public believes that these laws against prostitution should be enforced and the war against issues that come with it such as rape, assaults, human and sex trafficking, etc. should come to a halt. As well most people believe that freedom of expression with our bodies should not be a choice if it conflicts with the law and that prostitution sets our community to be in a perilous environment. Yet, on the other hand, in the perspective of others, women and men should have a choice as to what they choose to do with their bodies and should not have to worry about giving explanations to pimps or law …show more content…
It would seem to be an uneasy environment to have children or family members growing up in, but if it were legal it would not be near churches, schools, or homes. Many as well may say that it should not be legal because men and women choose to take on the life of a prostitute, and I agree, but some individuals were forced into it and as stated earlier an estimated ninety-two percent of these individuals would leave this lifestyle but they depend on it for food and money. In addition most people believe that legalizing prostitution would empower the black market, however this would lessen the influence of the black market in our communities because their would be more laws to protect individuals such as

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