The Need For Animal Testing

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Animal experimentation has now been outdated due to the alternative testing that now exists. Even if products pass the animal testing that does not make them safe and test results are not always reliable due to the differences between animals and humans: it is cruel and inhumane to the animals being tested, and the animals used are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act. The use of animals in science and experimentation is a needed change. The suffering of these harmless creatures needs to come to an end.
There is no longer a need for animal testing due to the alternative testing that now exists. Scientists have invested their time to learn new methods of testing that does not involve animals. These forms of testing have even proven to be
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People have come up with ways to stimulate tests using computers. There are also computerized patient-drug databases and virtual drug trials. Many of these computerized techniques have become the go to for noninvasive testing methods (Alternatives).
The use of animals in testing is also more expensive compared to the alternative methods. There is multiple different tests that cost less than the test including animals. The in vitro DNA synthesis test cost $11,000, and the animal version cost $32,000. The non animal version of a rat photo toxicity test cost $1,300. The animal version cost $11,500, which is more costly. Instead of spending $29,600 on a rat uterotrophic test, thousands of dollars could be saved by using the in vitro version which costs $7,200. By switching to the alternative the government 's research dollars will not be wasted
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The animals of these tests suffer from pain everyday while being tested on. In 2010, there were 97,123 animals that were not put under any anesthesia and suffered the mass amounts of pain while being tested on (Animal). The animals are mistreated in the labs. Once the testing is completed most animals are killed if they survive the testing. The animals are restrained so test can be conducted on them. The animals are often forced fed or even starved. The conditions of the labs are not comfortable for animals. They are often kept in small, crowded cages with not enough room to live. These conditions cause animals to be put through a great deal stress. The essential needs of these animals are rarely met by laboratories causing the animals to live a grim life (Harm). The tests performed on these animals are disturbing. One of these tests includes the draize eye test. During this test, the rabbit 's eyes are held open with clamps without the ability to blink, just to test shampoos. Some of the animals are burned to test the healing process. Some tests are just done to see if the product can kill the animal (Animal). This is cruel and inhumane and these laboratories need to learn that animals have rights and to test on them is unethical

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