The Necklace Setting

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In the short story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant, Mathilde Loisel, a lovely woman told her husband that she needed jewellery for the ball. Her husband had a marvellous idea, he said to go ask Madame Forestier, her friend, to lend her jewellery because she was rich. Guy de Maupassant uses plot, setting and character to show the reader the theme that you should appreciate what you have.
The first way Guy de Maupassant shows the theme is through saying that Mathilde Loisel is sad and poor, she does not appreciate what she has, because she was sad that she had "no dress". Her husband used his gun money to buy her a dress so they wouldn't have to give the "card to some colleague whose wife is better equipped" (20). After Mathilde Loisel’s
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Before the ball, Mathilde Loisel went to Madame Forestier's house to borrow jewellery. She lent her a beautiful necklace that looked extremely expensive, she loved it. Once she arrived at the ball wearing her dress and necklace, everyone was shocked of how pretty Mathilde Loisel was. When the ball ended a taxi passed by and Mathilde Loisel called it, but the taxi driver probably didn’t hear her so she chased the taxi, but the taxi driver didn’t stop. When Mathilde Loisel arrived home she felt like if she was missing something, then she realized that she had lost the necklace that her friend had kindly lent her. She couldn’t believe it. She told her husband about the disaster and her husband almost fainted, she thought that she could have lost it chasing the taxi. He went outside to search for it, he looked everywhere, but he couldn’t find it. So the next day Mathilde Loisel went to a jewellery store to see if she could find the same necklace, and there was one that was exactly the same as Madame Forestier´s one, so she asked the person that worked at the store and he said that it cost thirty-six thousand francs, they couldn't afford to buy that necklace. So they had to save money …show more content…
She needs to understand that money is not important, she is very materialistic. Mathilde Loisel first wants a dress, then a necklace and she also wants to be rich. If she is rich, she will be happy. ‘"The Minister of Education and Madame Ramponneau request the pleasure of the company of Monsieur and Madame Loisel at the Ministry on the evening of Monday, January the 18th."’ Mathilde Loisel loves fashion and expensive clothes, she says that whatever costs money is beautiful. Whatever her husband gives her she says that is it not good, because she want’s something expensive, Mathilde is obsessed with money. Mathilde says that she doesn’t deserve to have this life, to not be rich. “Madame Loisel came to know the ghastly life of abject poverty” (22). This proves that she is very poor, she was even poorer when she was not married to her

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