The Nebraska Senate Race : Nebraska Essay

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The Nebraska Senate Race Nebraska, a primarily Republican state (Aubuchon), is holding elections for a U.S. Senate Seat on November 4th, 2014. The two bi-partisan candidates are David “Dave” Domina (Democratic Candidate) and Benjamin “Ben” Sasse (Republican Candidate). Also running for U.S. Senator in Nebraska are two non-partisan candidates, Todd Watson and James “Jim” Jenkins. Nebraska’s Senior and Junior Senators, as well as all three Nebraska Representatives, are Republican. Major issues in the race include health care legislation, marriage equality, and Immigration policies. “Based on polls and the state’s conservative background, Ben Sasse is more likely to win the Nebraska U.S. Senate race than his opponents.”
David “Dave” Domina was born in Laurel, Nebraska on November 27, 1950. He was raised on a small crop and livestock farm in Coleridge, Nebraska and has lived his entire life in his home state. Domina completed law school at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law and in 1975 opened up his own law firm. David has no prior political background but says, “A U.S. Senator 's job is to solve complicated legal problems - this is my life 's work.” Dave and Carol Domina are parents of three children. Dr. Thurston Domina is a professor at the University of California, Brian Jorde is a lawyer with Domina Law Group, and Salesia Domina, is a university student. Mr. Domina is running as the Democratic candidate for the Nebraska U.S. Senate Race (Domina). Benjamin…

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