The Nature Of The World Essays

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Metaphysics is the question what is really real in Core 250, as the second part of the core program here at Whitworth University. Trying to tackle the question of metaphysis a Greek philosopher named Plato believed there are two separate worlds in existence, there is one world where there are the material objects and then the other world contains the non-material objects or the “shadows.” However, another philosopher who followed Plato believed is the matter of the universe, form of the world, and the actuality and potentiality. Plato’s answer to the nature of the world was the two worlds scenario, where there is a material world which is all physical things we can touch, like ourselves as humans. The immaterial world also called the forms, which to some may be another dimension, however, as Christians we are able to see this immaterial world as heaven as heaven is a reflection of the perfect form of humans as they were on the earth. However, Aristotle had a very different believe when answering the question, what is really real? Matter is the actual stuff which makes up the object, like how water and land make up the earth. The form in Aristotle words, is the shape of the material is what matters, as a chair in one room can be a chair in another room. Lastly, actual purpose, is the usefulness in the moment in case the potential accidents happens it breaks, like the leg on the chair breaks in half and you use another place in the house. These philosophers both are very…

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