The Nature Of Substance And Substance Essay

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Part A
In 1p7 Spinoza asserts that “existence belongs to the nature of substance.” He had clarified the notion of substance earlier as, “that which is in itself and is conceived through itself.” In this conceptualization of substance Spinoza primarily implies that, the conception of substance does not require reference to something else from which a substance must be created. The implication here is that, Spinoza is highlighting an internal derivative in which all the features of a substance are self-referred as opposed to drawing inferences from outside the substance. He goes further and clarifies that, the only substance truly in existence is God. Such is the case owing to the fact that, as a substance, God does not look to another thing from outside his existence to understand his essence. The implication here is that, an understanding of God ideally looks to the essence of God with no outside references. As such, while people are modes of God to the extent that they are affections of substance, that is, that which is in something else and is conceived through something else (Def.5), God is the ultimate and only substance. An understanding of God thus, cannot be gained by studying people. One is tempted to understand God through people because as modes, people carry certain affections of God who in essence is the cause-substance.
In light of the above understanding the question that remains relates to how Spinoza’s assertion that, existence belongs to the nature of…

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