Essay about The Nature Of Killer Whales

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Killer Whales in Captivity
Ever since humans had first started capturing killer whales from their natural habitats in order to place them in captivity, there has been ongoing controversy that only continues to grow as time goes on. The recent 2013 documentary that discusses the reality of captive orcas, called "Blackfish", only strengthens the arguments against holding killer whales in captivity for their entire lives. The main problem is that it does not seem humane to keep such large animals enclosed in man-made environments that hold no comparison to the world 's seemingly endless oceans. The only purpose these enclosed animals serve is to entertain us in order to gain profit for the places that keep them confined. The long-term captivity of killer whales has led to various adverse effects on the animals, including aggression and physical and mental health issues. Killer whales are highly intelligent creatures that need a beneficial environment to live in with substantial stimulation in order to thrive. More harm than good comes to these animals by keeping them in captivity, resulting in detrimental lives.
The history of catching killer whales stems back to November 18th, 1961, where Marineland of the Pacific, a used-to-be marine mammal park in California, first captured a living orca. The marine park spotted a weak, adult female killer whale swimming in Newport Harbor and spent hours trying to corral and capture the animal. Before the day had ended, the crew finally…

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