The Nature And Aim Of Fiction Essay

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In Flannery O’Connor’s essay, “The Nature and Aim of Fiction,” several times she mentions the idea of the fact that in writing fiction should tell the truth about the world. When she states this, she isn’t talking about the world around us, but instead the heavenly world above all humans. The heavenly, or spiritual world is O’Connor’s way of describing to all readers how important the use of imagination is for the writer to provide to the reader in fiction in order to discover a higher truth. O’Connor supports her statements that the reader needs imagination many times throughout her essay with quotes such as, “The kind of vision the fiction writer needs to have, or to develop, in order to increase the meaning of his story is called anagogical vision, and that is the kind of vision that is able to see different levels of reality in one image or one situation” (O’Connor 5). I think that what O’Connor means in this essay is that the importance of fiction is to develop a story that can be interpreted in many ways and make an audience think on a deeper level to further their interest in a story. During the course of the semester stories such as Beowulf and King Lear exhibit this importance of finding a higher meaning to the physical text. Beowulf makes the reader think of the idea that we need to fight for each other and not just ourselves and provides the audience with a tale of bravery and courage and how all heroes should act. King Lear relates to the idea of Karma, a higher…

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