The Natural Resources Of Water Essay

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Water is the most abundant natural resource in the world. It covers around 70% of the world’s surface and makes up 73% of the human body. The only problem with this is that only about .5% of water is clean usable drinking water making it a limited resource. This makes it imperative that we conserve as much as we can so as to not deplete this limited resource. The consequences of the overuse of water can be seen in worldwide. The drought in California is a perfect depiction of how the overuse of water disturbs the water cycle. The sinkholes in Florida are another example of the overuse of water. These are just a few problems that started from the water tap in our everyday society.
As a society, we have a seemingly limitless supply of water readily available at the turn of a knob, always there whenever we need it. This is a delusion created by our everyday environment. Every single time we waste water for whatever reason it impacts our society and natural ecosystem. Project WET believes that through water education schools can save water and help spread environmentally friendly ideas outside the classroom. In class discussions and through advertisement such as posters water education is easier to teach than some may think.
Agriculture is a big part of the water waste problem in Wisconsin due to the amount of farms in this state. Based on calculations done by National Geographic, almost half of the water used in agriculture is wasted. When taking this into account when thinking…

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