Essay on The National Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline

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The Veteran Health Affairs (VHA) attempt at improving mental health services, specifically, suicide and homicide include the infrastructure of the National Veterans Crisis Line, formerly known as the National Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline . This twenty-four hotline is toll free and confidential, precisely designated for veterans, active duty service members, and their family or friends (Britton, Bossarte, Thompson, Kemp, Conner, 2013). All Veteran Affairs Medical Centers (VAMC) have a minimum of one suicide prevention coordinator (SPC), they supervise the responders and veterans communication in their local area through the Veterans Crisis Line (Britton, Bossarte, Thompson, Kemp, Conner, 2013). Decreasing the fatality by way of suicide is a top precedence for the VA (Knox, Kemp, McKeon, & Katz, 2012). Furthermore, in 2006, the Veteran Affairs implemented a significant amount of comprehensive ingenuities that addressed the public health issue surrounding veterans and suicide. The Veteran Affairs suicide prevention strategy includes extensive services directly related to mental health care (Knox, Kemp, McKeon, & Katz, 2012). On Monday, January 25, 2016 at 6:00pm, the opportunity was presented by Dr. Oliver Johnson at Fayetteville State University to attend an lecture that provided the viewing of the documentary Crisis Hotline, Veteran’s Press 1. This paper discusses ethical leadership, ethical intelligence, and emotional intelligence focused on how…

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