The National School Lunch Program Essay

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The history of and the status of having the school food menus is a long and lengthy issue. The National School lunch program (NSLP) started in 1946 by President Harry Truman to safeguard the health and well being of the children. NSLP serves over 30 million and spends over 8 billion, which makes it a big contributor. The main issue is the raise in being over weight or having obesity, and also the issue of quality of food being served at schools (Ralston, k.r (2008) the national lunch program). The main issue is if food is nutritious enough, and NSLP is connected to not having enough nutrients in there food. This lead to many states implying for more nutrient filled meals and beverages that meet the school guidelines. All schools have a certain amount they can spend because of the budget plan they have. So changes can’t be made instantly but have to be voted on by congress. The main thing that has to address is how they improve the quality of their food so it can fit school budgets. Also we have to find a way to get healthy information to the children so they improve their lifestyle choices.
The first major problem to that need to change is that obesity and overweight problems of children. In recent Times Magazine (Mandy Oaklande, NY Time 2014) it says “Of the ten most obese states, nine of them are in the South” which is a 30% or higher obesity rate. This compared to a 15% obesity rate 30 years ago is a big increase. The main reason is because of eating habits and lack of…

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