The National Rifle Association Diversity Essay

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The National Rifle Association has diversity amongst the members from different backgrounds, ethnic cultures, and lifestyles. With nearly five million members nationwide, the NRA is able to rally their members together by one common idea, the freedom to bear arms under the second amendment. With our nation going through changes, the members of the NRA have also prepared for what lies ahead.
The types of people that join the NRA all have their purposes, many being life members since life membership does cost only $1,000 instead of paying increments of $35 a year for membership. There are real members of the NRA, the organization being predominately white, there are small demographics of other races that are members of the organization. The types of people that do join the NRA mostly believe that it is their right to own and bear arms, gun enthusiasts of course that enjoy the history of firearms. Many members have grown up and been around guns their entire lives making it something that they are used to, and like many members that I have met they were either law enforcement or former or active military members.
An article written by Bruce Drake from the Pew Research Center, “5 facts about the NRA and guns in America,” members of the NRA are not all pro-second amendment. Rather from a survey from 2013 reports that, forty-eight percent of members own a gun for protection. Thirty-two percent of gun owners have a gun for hunting, seven percent…

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