The Nat Turner Rebellion Was By No Means The First Slave Uprising

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It had been 50 years since the United States had won its independence from Great Britain. During the 1830s, settlers were slowly beginning to spread out across the country and a few even began the perilous journey to the West Coast. African Americans were becoming increasingly restless under the oppression of white slaveholders to the point that a large uprising broke out in Virginia known as the Nat Turner Rebellion. The Nat Turner Rebellion was by no means the first slave uprising, but seriously called into question the dangers of educating African Americans and pushed many states to outlaw teaching them. Contrasting this decrease of educational opportunities for African Americans in the South was the increase of educational opportunities for women in the North. During this time, the number of formal educational systems for women increased with the rise of “marked” schools and with the purpose of women’s education shifting from focusing on the ideas of Republican Motherhood to the ideas of True Womanhood.
Although there were a small number of colleges and seminaries for women in the United States during this time, they were few in number and only for the elite. Furthermore, information from that time tells us that the purpose of a woman’s education at these institutes of learning—if not religious—was to teach women about the responsibilities of voting, volunteerism, and promoting peace and social unity. As the call for women’s education became louder, though, there began…

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