The Myth Of Learning Styles Essay

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The Myth of Learning Styles “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” This quote, by Ignacio Estrada, encapsulates the current American view of the learning styles theory. What learning style do you prefer to learn by? Some styles are more dominantly taught by educators than others. Is this fair? From the eyes of many, this would give some people a privilege that other people might not have based on their individual learning style. What is the truth about learning styles? Do they really affect how people learn? The prevailing view of learning styles among people in the U.S. is mostly one sided. Terry Farwell gives the basic definitions of the three main learning styles in an article entitled, “Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Learners.” He says that auditory learners like to hear instructions and information read aloud. Visual learners learn best by seeing how something is done (Farwell). Farwell adds that they like charts, graphs, and written notes. He states that kinesthetic learners are hands-on, do it themselves kind of people who like to participate and get involved. A lot of people today claim one of these styles as their own. Most people currently hold a common view about learning styles. According to an article called “Overview of Learning Styles,” everyone has a different learning style. A majority of people would agree with this statement. The article continues to say that the styles people prefer to learn by affect the…

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