The Mystery Of The World Essay

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The worlds filled with thousands and thousands of mysteries. We as a race seek to find these mysteries and make them known to people. This yearning for knowledge of the unknown and the unexplainable is what cause the world to be brought into the era it is in. Some on their quest to knowledge have created books, articles, music, laws, and many other things that would change the world, socially and economically. This led to many explorations and discoveries beyond anyone’s imagination. The constant need for knowledge evolved so quickly in so little time.
The Chinese had a very beautiful view on the world, so during the age of the southern song, they went on extensive over sea trades, especially in the Indian Ocean. China was the world leader in almost everything, especially naval technology, no other culture or kingdom proved their ships to be as seaworthy. They traveled all along the Arabian Peninsula but did the majority of their trading in the posts of Southeast Asia and India. In the thirteenth century a man named Zhau Rugua was the inspector of foreign trade for the province of Fujian in South China, his real job was to collect tariffs on imported goods, but instead he made a very descriptive catalog of not only the goods they were importing but also on the people, all of his writings were said not to be of firsthand experience but merely stories of some of the Chinese merchants from the port that was the largest of ports for many centuries Quanzhou. The commerce of the…

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