The Mystery Of The Soul Essay

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I think the most important question is “what happens after we die?” I think this is important because it creates concern, science cannot answer it, and beyond our bodies the answer is the mystery of the soul. People are concerned with the question because it ultimately is not known what truly happens. Death is inevitable, and it could happen really at any moment, and the fact that we do die and do not know what occurs afterwards is frightening. Catholics believe that we go to hell or purgatory and heaven, some people believe they are reincarnated, others believe they will cease to exist, some believe that their “energy” will join that of nature’s, and many have no idea or do not know how to answer it beyond a belief of “life after death.” There are varying opinions, which adds to the mystery of the question, because the more possible answers to a question the more difficult it becomes to answer, and as an important part of our life it becomes discomforting not knowing. If humans could answer every question asked, then there would be no mystery because everything would be able to be solved. Science does not fully answer the question, either. Science only documents and measures what exists, not the transcendent and supernatural forces. Yes, our bodies themselves decompose, are burned or we are killed by unnatural means, but beyond this scientific fact there’s a mystery to death because of what is left besides our bodies. Science has proven there is more to us than our…

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