The Music Video For Worth It By The Artist Fifth Harmony Essays

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In the Western World men are often viewed as more valuable and capable than their female counterparts, the girl group Fifth Harmony is fighting back on that view. In early 2015, the all-female group of five young adults released the final single from their debut album (MTV).
The group had yet to have success in mainstream music and were vying for success on the charts. The song was entitled Worth It and is a traditionally catchy pop song, but the complimenting music video is far from traditional. The music video for Worth It by the artist Fifth Harmony illustrates women in stereotypical male jobs in a purposely shocking way to point out institutionalized gender discrimination.

The video opens with scenes from a large urban city, before flashing to a NASDAQ-style stock board featuring the phrase: “Women in power.” The stock board appears constantly throughout the remainder of the video behind the women, as the words and numbers change to include phrases such as “glass ceiling” and “feminism.” The women of Fifth Harmony are first shown in the video confidently strutting in business suits and high heels. It should be noted men are in the back of several frames, keeping the females in the forefront of the video. As the video progresses, there are scenes depicting men in stereotypical female jobs such as assistant and secretarial positions, and men working for women as drivers appears. One of the most prominent visuals of the reversal of roles comes when Camila Cabello is in…

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