The Music Of Warner Music Essay

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Warner Music Group has been of the most prominent music labels in the industry since it was created in 1958. It was created after Warner (the film company) decided to capitalise on profit after one of their actors signed with one of their rival the companies. As a result they decided to make sure that would not happen again. 
In 1963 the company purchased Reprise Records, a label founded by Franck Sinatra in order to allow the artists to have more creative control of their music. After the acquisition of the label the company managed to secure a place for Mo Ostin, a music executive who was in charge of Reprise Records who is said to be the reason of the success of the Warner Music company. Four years later, in 1967, the company was bought by Seven Arts Production creating the company Warner Bros - Seven Arts and purchased Atlantic Records opening the door for artist Neil Young who would become one of their longest established artists. Two years after being purchased by Seven Arts Production the company was purchased by Kinney National Company (which later changed its name to Warner Communication) with its CEO Steve Ross which led to company to its zenith until his death in 1994. 
The subsidiary of the Warner Bros. Group focuses solely on music and quickly became one of the goliath of the industry. Indeed, in the 90’s the company was generating sales valued at $3 billion with profits around $500 million. The company quickly dominated the market with 22% share of the…

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