The Music Of The Andre Essays

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1949 Andre was born in Maastricht in The Netherlands. He was the third child with two younger sisters. His parents have moved from Amsterdam to Maastricht. Andre moved to a beautiful down in the Dutch Province of Limburg, called Maastricht. Andre and his siblings grew up in a classical music including opera, symphony chamber music. His encouragement was his fathers who is a professional conductor.1954 Andre started training as a violist at the age of five. Andre had a difficult time concentrating when he first started to play the violin.
Andre was a young talented boy who has continued his training playing music on his violin, and later receives a tuition from Andre Gertier to continue his love of music. In 1978 Andre had his first orchestra, the Maastricht Salon in Netherland under the Federal Republic of Germany including the United States. In 1989 he was engaged as a violinist in the Limburg Symphony Orchestra. Johann Strauss Orchestra from Andre began to get all of his musicians ready to perform he has twelve musicians from the first beginning and now he has over 50 of his musicians on very large stages. Andre Rieu and his wife who have founded the Andre Rieu Music productions started his first Johaans Strauss orchestra given their first Public concert appearance. Andre soon began to tour through Benelux Countries and through the federal republic of Germany as well.
1994 Andre’s first musical released in his home town of Netherland in compliances that he soon became…

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