Essay about The Museum Of Modern Art

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“What I am after, is the first impression - I want to show all one sees on first entering the room - what my eyes takes in at first glance” (Pierre Bonnard). Upon walking into the Museum of Modern Art, which was a little intimidating simply because there was a huge variety and the layout had just about everything you could imagine. From sculptures to paintings there was so much to take in. As I made my way through the museum I was immediately drawn to the room of Impressionism. The vibrant mix of colors and ambiguous intent. Each piece contained such a mix of colors that not a single item within the piece was overlooked. The room itself had each work of art separated by a large amount of wall space and used a neutral paint color in the background and floors to really bring the pieces to life. Even in a crowded room of people, each painting remained in eyesight for everyone to see and take in. There were no benches or seats in the immediate areas of the artwork to keep the space entirely open. The lighting was perfect because it did not blind you and nor did it restrict you from seeing the painting with glares off of the frames, walls or floor. Overall, the entire museum was very carefully thought out and really made the experience that much more enjoyable. Walking through the Impressionism section of the museum, I was immediately drawn to Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The crowd seemed to really be drawn to this particular painting and so was I. My first impression was…

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