Essay on The Murder Of Simpson Trial

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Why was everybody so fascinated with the O.J. Simpson trial?

When we hear the name Orenthal James Simpson we don’t think of his Heisman trophy or his first overall pick in the NFL Draft. We think about the trial of the century, the double murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The O.J. case was one of the first cases nationally televised; being televised people got to see what happened and therefore, started the fascination with the case. But what made it so fascinating? Was it him being famous, the media, a car chase, or race? Why was everybody so fascinated with the O.J. Simpson trial? One reason everybody was so fascinated with the O.J. Simpson trial was because he was a common household name. Orenthal James Simpson was a well known football player that everybody loved. He first went to the College of San Francisco, a two year community college. He had to attend the College of San Francisco because of his failing grades, although he dominated in football. He first rose to fame when he was a breakout player in his first two years at the University of Southern California. His first year at USC he was the runner up for the Heisman trophy. In 1968 he finally won the Heisman. He was also named a two-time all American while he was at USC playing football. After he was done with his college football career he was the first pick in the 1969 NFL Draft. Being the first overall pick in the draft caused a lot of hype around him being a great football player, but…

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