The Murder Of A Monster Essay

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So you were called in for jury duty, this man has been charged with killing a family of four because he was obsessed with the housewife. His sentence can reach to death. As you think to yourself “no-one should endure capital punishment”, the attorney lists off his offenses. Stalking the family for about 6 months, they found countless of pictures of the family. He recorded what days they go to work or school and what times they usually come home. He was even contemplating on whether he should drug the neighbor’s dog, but opted for killing it instead. He did his research on what knife to get, which one can hold its edge and which is easier to clean. They found thorough plans of the house and how he would escape at his house, along with personal items of the family. This man decided to kill four human beings because he was upset the wife was married. And now you’re thinking to yourself how much of a monster this man is…but he still deserves to live. Well I’m going to try to sway you towards the benefits capital punishment.
One hot topic about the death penalty is that killing them is too good of punishment. That they should last the rest in their days rotting in jail. Like this insert from, “Compared to “incapacitation”, which is a kinder phrase for lobotomy, or sentencing a criminal to solitary confinement for the next 25-50 years, executing a criminal may seem like a more humane option. A criminal sentenced to life without parole will never again see…

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