Essay on The ' Moyers On Dying, Program 3- A Death Of One 's Own

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The video “Moyers on Dying, Program 3- A Death of One’s Own,” discusses various perspectives on fear of death among terminally ill people as well as their family members. The video focuses on the Zen Hospice Project, which provides hospice care to people dying of cancer, AIDS, and other serious illness. The primary goal of this project includes fostering more transformative approaches to end-of life issues. The project follows the principle that death is a time for important psychological, emotional, and spiritual transition. Mostly, evidence presented in the video contains personal stories and emotional appeals from volunteers as well as family members of dying patients. One of the volunteers, Alicia, says, “The hospice work teaches sort of psychic resilience, which is the ability to absorb loss, fear, and grief.” People feel emotionally prepared to cope with death if they imagine about their loved ones or themselves dying in advance. However, most people might focus just on the sad part based on their perception of pain and fear associated with death. Instead of panicking and taking death as an emergency, the caregivers and volunteers sit together and share their memories with the individual at the Zen Spice. Therefore, volunteers seem to be able to gain control over their emotions on death of loved ones.
Legal role of advance directives in end of life issues:
The Patients’ Rights Council defines an advance directive as “a document by which a person makes provision for…

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