The Movies Made Me Go Mad Essay

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The Movies Made Me Go Mad Violence has existed since the beginning of mankind, some might even say it is a part of human nature. The cause for violence has been questioned all throughout time and the blame has been put on mental illness, extreme emotions, and more recently, media. Violence is present in movies, TV, music, and video games. The most affected by these are children, as they are easily influenced and cannot comprehend fictional images as much as adults can. Is a rockstar singing about murder to blame? The problem is not merely on the screens of the television, but much deeper in the minds of children. Media exposure has greatly increased throughout the years, and even more so unrestricted media exposure. According to a research survey in 1998, 46% of children have TVs in their room and only 43% of parents monitor the programs their child watches (Browne 703). Now that TV is not the only place to watch shows and movies, as online streaming has gained much popularity, this gives children even more access to media that is violent and not suitable for young viewers. Since 1975, media violence has increased (Princeton). The acceptance of violent media has also increased and has become something “normal”. Almost everyone in America is exposed to violent media as 99% of American homes have TV (Beresin). Although many medical professionals suggest limited amounts of time watching television or playing video games, boys aged 8 to 18 play 19 hours worth of video games…

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