Essay On Human Nature Of Violence

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We live in a world that is full of love, compassion, and understanding. Unfortunately we also live in a world full of violence, hate, and evil. Steven Pinker said “Human nature is complex. (BrainyQuote) Even if we do have inclinations towards violence, we also have inclination to empathy, to cooperation, to self-control. I believe that violence is apart of human nature it is in us to justify the violent actions that we commit through media, collective violence, and sports.
While violence is not new to the human race, it is an increasing problem in our society today. There has been hundreds of studies over the past years indicating that viewing violent media portray negative affects amongst audience members, particularly children. In todays society every day we see some form of violence. There is literally violence every where you look. With modern technology and social media our youth is subjected to endless clips of violence on Facebook and YouTube. The sad thing is our youth is not only viewing the clips but they are also reenacting their own. Adults aren 't able to turn on any news channels without seeing violence. We now have greater access to firearms and as seen in media
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History shows us that violence is a part of who we are. It is how nations were born and nations were destroyed. Violence is not something that is taught or learned on its own, it is our human nature to be violent when there is a conflict. However it is also in human nature to be passionate, considerate, and have self control. Our human nature is what causes us to want to justify our violent actions. As people we always find a way to understand why violence is needed. So we should ask our selves is violence apart of who we are or is it something we can control but we choose to be violent like we choose to be

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