The Movie ' The Boy Of The Striped Pajamas ' Essay

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1. In the film, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, the concepts of person perception, cultural and personal identities and persuasive qualities are demonstrated through Bruno and Shmuel’s friendship. We can see person perception through the two boys because at their age to each other the other is just another boy their age that they can play with in a place where they are all alone. They have none of the prejudices or assumptions about each other that those older than them would have casted on each other. Cultural and personal identity is seen through Bruno wanting to be just like his father when he is pretending to be one of the German fighter planes with his friend. For Shmuel he develops his personal and cultural identity by also watching his father and learning from him while in the concentration camp. Persuasive qualities is shown through Shmuel convincing Bruno to help him find his father. All of these qualities and characteristics help form the friendship and bond between Bruno and Shmuel and the way they see each other as the movie unfolds. The ultimate consequence of Bruno and Shmuel having this secret communication with each other is that both boys are tragically killed in the concentration camp. Another unfortunate consequence is when Shmuel comes to the house to work as a servant and because Bruno sneaks him food and Shmuel gets accused of stealing. This leads to Shmuel being punished for a crime that he never committed. Their culture is a huge influence on their…

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