The Movie ' Sankofa ' Essay

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The Movie Sankofa accurately depicted the slavery experience in a very accurate manner, Sankofa itself is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates go back and study your past. The movie depicted slavery in almost the exact way it really happened, Sankofa shows us the if African American had the true picture of slavery experience, they would truly cherish and appreciate breathe of freedom we have today. In fact, this true because this current generation has no idea, on how the slave experience was really about, a lot of people prefer to even talk about this issue because they feel its incident that happened in the past. According to the movie, if we knew the pain and the hardship our forefathers passed through, it might affect our relationship the whites. This will make us treat and preserve all slavery art crafts and antiquities with the utmost importance. The movie shows several accurate depiction of slavery. The movie shows how Africans were abducted from their homeland, stripped naked and marked with hot objects as a means of identification. Muna before she turned shola was trying to run, but she has abducted the white men who stripped her naked, whipping her vehemently and a metallic iron was placed on her back. This true because of the account of bureau Branch who narrated in his account that he was captured from his hometown, with his captors erasing all forms of natural identification and then put on a ship for the Middle passage. The act of…

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