The Movie, Monuments Men, Directed By Actor George Clooney Essay example

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The movie Monuments Men, written and directed by actor George Clooney was purposed to serve as a historical depiction of one of the grandest art heist known to history. This heist was conducted during World War II by the Nazis, under the leadership of the notorious Adolf Hitler. A special allied military group of men and women was created to save these precious pieces’ art, these brave men and women were known as the Monuments Men. This special group was tasked by then President, Franklin Roosevelt. They were not a regular military group, they were however made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds such as art historians, curators, museum directors, artists, architects, educators, and some military reservists (Flanner 269).
The movie Monument Men displayed key facts and moments of the experiences of the actual monuments men during this time. Although this movie presented some facts to its viewers, a lot of background information was left out for the sake of making a film. The movie only describes what happened on a mediocre level. This movie was created more so for entertainment for its viewers rather than for accurate historical facts. However, the facts that were presented in the movie actually took place. The main problem that this movie has as far as presenting the facts is that it does not fully give all of the facts or give extensive amounts of details on majority of the things that took place throughout the mission of the real life monuments men. After…

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