The Movie Industry And The Film Industry Essay

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The world is always evolving in every aspect, whether it be technology or people, there is no denying it. However, the film industry moves at a much slower pace that it seems frozen in time. Everyone is much more open minded now than in the past. For instance, Tattoos were considered rebellious but now considered as body art. Society has learned to adapt with the times and gained the ability to accept everyone for who they are. Whereas, the film industry continues to judge people according to what they find is acceptable or visually appealing. They ignore the gap between the current generation with the past generations and blindly categorize them together. Additionally, the United States has become a much more diverse place with many cultures and race. According to recent statistics, the Department of Census Bureau reports, “…by 2044, more than half of all Americans are projected to belong to a minority group…” (Colby 2015). With this in mind, the film industry as a whole needs to forget all past criteria or ideals. Even with the mixture of cultures we have today in the United States, there is still a presence of prejudice in today’s film industry that cause problems like discriminatory casting standards, false cultural stereotypes, and unfair award nominations
One of the problems the film industry experiences a lot is preferential casting standards. Hollywood tends to cast actors according to their visual or racial preferences. Majority of movies have white leading actors…

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