Essay on The Movie I Didn 't Find Interest Into Theater

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Throughout my life, I have never really had a strong connection with theater. I didn’t find interest into theater until this summer semester. Based on the readings I have read and also the performances I have seen this summer, there are many different types of theater. When discussing the content of the theater, I like seeing themes that explore overcoming some type of struggle or just wanting to be loved. The characters I like to see is people who actually show deep emotion in who they are playing. I like for the actors to actually fulfill the characters actions and rolls making me feel as if I have the same feelings he or she is portraying in the play. The plots that interest me during a play is actually seeing a character try over and over at something until he or she achieves what their goal is in the play. It shows me that the actor is really deep into character and he wants to accomplish whatever that certain characters wants in life. When considering the form of a play, I prefer psychological realism. The reason I prefer psychological realism because the story that is being portrayed seems easier to understand than a musical or a movement performance. Also, with the physiological realism plays, I feel as if sometimes my life may relate to a certain action that happens in the play or it may relate to a certain line the actor says in the play. This year I plan on seeing six shows. One of the shows I plan on seeing is Akeelah and the Bee at the Arena Stage Theater. I…

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