Essay on The Movie I Am Sam

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The film I Am Sam evoked quite powerful emotions for me, as the overall plot and characters reminded me of myself and my schizophrenic father. I couldn 't help but cry during quite a few scenes throughout the movie, as they brought back memories of my childhood with my father. The film 's depiction of what parents with disabilities go through with regard to the legal as well as social services system is quite accurate. Lucy is taken away from Sam and put into the foster system, due to the fact that he seemingly has the intellectual capacity of a seven-year-old, is mentally “retarded”, and has autistic tendencies and is therefore deemed incompetent of raising his daughter in a way that will be conducive to her development. It brings into question the true meaning of a “good parent.” By the end of the film, it is shown that money and intellectual capacity have no effect whatsoever on being a good parent. Disability has no effect on how good of a parent one can be, as it merely revolves around love, as proven throughout the movie. Sam 's support system consists of his friends who also have developmental disabilities. I love the fact that this film did not present a warped portrayal of Sam or his friends and their disabilities, as many films tend to do so. I really admired the fact that none of the actors with disabilities were portrayed as being overly violent or erratic and instead were depicted with characteristics that were quite authentic based on their disabilities. Time…

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