Essay on The Movie ' Bless Me Ultima '

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Bless Me, Ultima is about a young boy, Antonio, telling the story of his coming-of-age with the guidance of his Ultima or grandmother. Antonio’s mother wanted him to become a Priest in the community of farmers where they lived. Antonia was unsure what he was destined to do in the beginning of the movie, but as the movie progressed and the plot developed it became clear to him by the end of the movie. There are a variety of strengths in the family that were displayed in the movie “Bless Me Ultima. The family dynamic stood out to me in many ways. After watching the movie, I can recall, the family relationships, communication style, religion, culture and education.
The family upheld the most respect for the grandmother (Ultima). In the movie she stood her ground and was not afraid to speak her mind on issues that pertained to the family. The grandmother was the head of the family and took care of family member when they were sick and also others in the community. The relationship within the family were strong. Like all families, their bond was tested through other in the community causing turmoil and wanting to blame the grandmother and accused her of witchcraft. Her family protected her. Their secrets were their secrets and did not allow anyone other than family to have an opinion on their issues. The family bond was also tested when the oldest son’s returned from war and realized what they valued and what they wanted to do was not at home with their family.…

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