The Movement Within The Service Essay

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Bodily Movement:
The movement within the service was smoothly done. I will acknowledge that there was a great deal happening during the service that required movement. The children’s dance set the tone for the movement to come. I did appreciate that the Rev. Kletzing entered via the center aisle rather from somewhere in the back of the church. The passing of the peace is always a nice opportunity for the people to greet one another. I am of two minds though, is it a nice break for the parishioners partially through the service or a distraction from the tone of worship? I think I would lean toward the former. The same could be said about having the announcements twenty-eight minutes into the service. I suppose I am particularly interested in this step as I am considering reordering the position of announcements in my own service.
Rev. Kletzing preached primarily from the pulpit. I am a proponent of this as it enhances the authority of the words from the pastor. However, in the Lord’s Supper service he spent very little time in the pulpit and instead was among the people. I am a proponent of this as it enhances the community. Notice a dichotomy there? I believe it depends on the gathering and the occasion as to this particular topic of movement within the service.
The most disjointed movement was that of the choir both entering the choir loft and even more so as they exited just prior to the sermon. I understand that this is created by the space constraints.…

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