The Most Pivotal Moment Of My Life Essay

780 Words Nov 13th, 2015 4 Pages
I remember being a young girl, about age four. I walked down the grassy slope where granite plates lay in the expansive field engraved with names. There was my whole family, gathered around a wooden box situated in front of a statue of Mary. I had no clue why everyone seemed so depressed, the sky was a clear deep blue and the grass was greener than ever. At the time, I thought my family had gathered at a park. It was when I aged that I was able to look back at this memory and realize I was at my dad 's funeral. The most pivotal moment in my life was, indeed, the loss of my dad. Not because I was depressed and missed him, but because the effect it had on my mom and my siblings. Don 't get me wrong, I still miss my dad to this day. I have but two memories with him. However, it is the pain I witnessed my mom suffering from her husband 's death that really shook me to the core. She had formed a family and commitment with this man, who has all but vanished leaving her in debt, and a thirsty fear of raising three children by herself. My mom lived in bankruptcy for most of my life. We couldn 't afford food at times, and sometimes I couldn 't get underwear and properly fitting clothing -- meaning I had to go without food and proper clothing. Growing up impoverished was bad, but what was worse is that my mom became engulfed in finding a new husband. My siblings and I were on the sidelines watching her jump from man to man, sometimes juggling two or three men in the process. We…

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