The Most People Write Autobiographies Essay

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Most people write autobiographies because they are famous or a tragic event has happened to them. Others write biographies to give people insight and advice. I guess readers will have to decide for themselves which one mine is. To start off I am Mellenie Mae Pearson and I was born July 25, 1998. Some parents pick their children’s names because it is pretty,unique,or it’s a family name. I fall in none of these categories. I am happy to say I am named after someone. I am named after John Mellencamp. If no one knows who that is anymore than look it up because he was a famous musician. I used to hate my name because no one can spell it and I can’t get a keychain with my name on it, but I like my name being unique and different. I love hearing my mom telling me how her doctor told her she would be ok going to the John Mellencamp Fan Club concert in Seymour, Indiana four days before her due date. She woke at the morning of July 25th to discover she was in labor. When she went to the hospital she demanded to be taken back to Logansport because she wanted her doctor to deliver me and no one else. The doctor in Seymour finally convinced her to stay and thank god he did because he if he didn’t I might not be alive today. My was scheduled for a C-section and so none of the doctors knew I was breached and If my mom started to have be in the ambulance on the way to Logansport then there was a good chance I wouldn’t make it. Luckily, my mom had me in Seymour and we she woke up after her…

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