Essay on The Most Memorable Things I Have

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One of the most memorable things I have are my all red Derrick Rose Adidas basketball shoes. These shoes mean a lot, for they represent a whole season of basketball. A whole season of my last year playing aau basketball with girls I grew up with. The shoes remind me of all the games and practices that we had together. Every free throw, every jump shot, every layup, every three-pointer I ever took in my last season. All the memories I made with my team. Remembering all the crazy things we did at restaurants, all the amazing times we had the hotels we stayed at. All the games that got hype and so intense that you could cut the air with a knife. The first day I got the shoes was the first day of practice for aau. I really liked the shoes. The all red and went really nice with the uniforms. Trying them on for the first time with the team I will never forget. Everybody was sitting in a kindergarten room with theses little chairs. We all looked like giants sitting in the chairs. The first thing someone says while trying them are is “ Wow they are tight around the foot.” They were tight, but I knew I would loosen that area up within a practice. The shoes felt good, they had great traction. I love shoes that have good traction, I feel that I can move faster. The practice went well. We did a lot of full court game moves, scrimmaged half court, worked on full court press, and ended on free throws. We also got a new pair of socks with the shoes. The socks were nice too. The best…

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