Thomas Edison's Phonograph Essay

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“We are all stories in the end. Just make it a good one.” The Doctor from Doctor Who. This quote states that even if family and friends are gone, they will still be remembered by what they did when they were alive. Family will never loose thought about that person even friends. This quote may relate to young adults, they don’t have to be something great when making their story, young adults just have to know that they are something great inside. 2 people were researched that have followed this quote and 1 person was interviewed to show that she follows this quote.

One person that lived by this quote would be Benjamin Franklin because he never gave up on what he wanted to accomplish in his life. Franklin became one of three commissioners.
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Edison invented many helpful inventions for Americans. Gaines states Edison invented many great inventions. To the Phonograph to the motion pictures. The invention he was famous for the most was the electric light(Gaines). Edison gets all these good ideas in his head to improve and help Americans with daily issues. There is one invention that Edison wanted to improve, The Speaking Telegraph. Collins states Edison was one of many inventors who improve the “Speaking Telegraph”...Edison had a machinist build the phonograph...Edison developed a system of electric lighting(Collins).Edison helped Americans out by improving the electric lighting, that way Americans during that time could see better at night than candle lighting. Edison helped out Mr. Muybridge improve the motion picture. Collins states Edison helped find the motion-picture industry, also helped Mr. Muybridge experiment the ways of motion-picture(Collins). With all the inventions Edison had invented, Mr. Muybridge new that Edison would be the man to help him improve the motion picture. Edison became something great, made so many helpful inventions for, we, Americans. Also, gave us the idea to improve his inventions …show more content…
Which path do they take? Or How far do they go? Students are going to have to make choices sooner or later, students are going to have to experience what 's right from wrong. For example, people want more money for working at fast-food restaurants. The U.S. fast-food workers state that people are demanding $15 an hour, that 's more than twice the federal minimum of $7.25. The median wage for Frontline fast-food workers is $8.94 per hour. People were waiting to see if they would get $15 an hour, but they didn 't pass it and people went back to $7.25. These people were wanting to get paid what a regular job would pay. But at the same time work at a fast-food restaurant(U.S. fast-food workers).Immigration Bill Stalls in Senate states on April 27, Senate failed to pass immigration. In December 2005, The house would tighten the nation 's borders and make it a felony to be in the country illegally or assist an illegal immigrant. Immigrants wanted to come into the U.S illegally, come to the U.S. without papers and /or cross the borders, but the Senate did not let that happen(Immigration Bill Stalls in Senate). The military had prohibited political parties. Argentina Political Parties legalized states a law that ended a six-year ban political parties and guaranteed them the legal right to function was signed by the President Reynaldo

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