Essay about The Most Important Characteristics Of Sports

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Since 1963, thousands have been nominated, 295 have been selected in recognition of valuing the five most important characteristics of sports throughout their football career; commitment, integrity, courage, respect and excellence. Fourteen years of living his dream playing football, countless hours of each day, hard work turning into gallons of sweat. And for what? A career gone to waist? Sixteen lives never the same, 4 states left with scars? Twenty thousand dollars and eighteen years in prison? Darren Sharper had the life millions dream of, and he made the choice to throw it all away. Darren Sharper was a NFL hero, he earned his first super bowl ring when the New Orleans saints defeated the Indianapolis colts in super bowl XLIV. Sharper played as a part of three NFL teams, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and New Orleans Saints, participating in a total of fourteen seasons.
Darren Sharper was a second round pick onto the Green Bay Packers team at age 22, before which he played college ball for the College of William and Mary. Sharper dedicated his entire life to get to the level he had been. “It 's just knowing that you can do it and believing in what you do” (Darren Sharper- Football was what he was known for. Football is what he lived for. Just after he retired from the New Orleans Saints, Sharper decided to turn his life and the life of sixteen innocent others upside down. In February of 2014 Sharper was charged with the rape of two…

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